Monday, June 04, 2007

Up and "Running"

Well, here it is - almost half the year's gone by - and I've all, but, ignored my blog. I do apologize to all the millions of people who visit "Guitars and ATVs" for not updating more often. I can no longer blame my internet access cuz I now have "Road Runner" high-speed. The only down side to that is I am now way behind on laundry, which is what I used to do while waiting for dialup. Hopefully I will make the time to add some current photos. I have 4 beautiful grandchildren and would love to show them off!

Unfortunately, the band "Incognito" broke up and I haven't been doing much guitar playing lately - just practice once in a while to keep the caluses built up on the left fingertips!

Still enjoying ATVing, even though the obscenely-high gas prices have forced us to limit our travels. We recently enjoyed participating in the Annual Tour-De-Forest Poker Run in Marienville PA (in the heart of the Allegheny National Forest) with about 1,000 other ATVers. Proceeds benefited the Marienville Fire Dept and other non-profit organizations.

Keep watching for the next thrilling installment!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Genealogy Website

As Historian for the Family Reunion on my mother's side, I recently created a website, including lineages, stories, reunion updates, photos... you can check it out at :

I'm Back...........

I was on "hiatus" for a while - having internet connection problems - had a very slow dialup and misc phone problems, but now have RoadRunner High Speed, so I'll be able to update my site more often.